Why have a home energy audit?

During a home energy audit, your energy auditor will conduct a thorough analysis of your home to determine the root cause of your high electric bills, dusty home or abnormally hot or cold rooms. Your energy auditor will pressure test your ducts, test for carbon monoxide leaks in your home, inspect your attic's insulation and much more.

Energy efficiency

Is your monthly electric bill too high? This is often a sign of an inefficient home. An energy audit can show you how to reduce high energy bills including providing simple do-it-yourself tricks.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you have a lot of dust in your home? This often means that you have leaks from your attic into your home. An energy audit can identify the leaky points in your home.


Do you have that one room that is impossible to cool down? Or maybe you have one end of the house that is too cold. An energy audit can identify the solution to these issues.

Meet Jason

Jason Owsley has been conducting energy audits around the Greater Phoenix Valley for over a decade. Jason is the CEO of Home Energy Auditing & Thermography.

Jason Owsley

CEO & BPI Certified Energy Auditor

What homeowners say

Cyril A.


"Very thorough audit, went through all the corners and voids of the house like a detective and found a ton of improvements that we could do, no strings attached, just recommendations to save energy."

Jason M.


"Excellent detail, timely response. Very thorough work for the SRP recommended energy audit. Highly recommend Jason O. at Home Energy Auditing & Thermography!"

Dan G.


"I now have 2 months of electric bills to compare year on year. My consumption is down by about 40%. Some of that is us acclimating and not setting the thermostat as low, but a lot is the improvements made based on your audit. THANK YOU!"

Jerry & Mary Lou M.


“Jason, we just received our APS bill and we did go to the Saver Choice Max. Our bill dropped to $148.19 as last month was $269.54 and last year’s was approximately $429. We really appreciate the time you spent educating us about APS."

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